the top part of a decorative image showing garden flowers.

Wedding Flowers

May 14, 2011

Dear Pauline,

Thank you so much for adding your beautiful flowers to Elizabeth’s wedding day. Everything was perfect! Your careful pre planning and preparation made the difficult logistics look easy. From working with the local fire marshal to get approval on the pillar candle center pieces, to moving the church flowers to the reception venue 10 miles away, all completed without any distractions to the wedding party.

Throughout the day, every time I looked at your flower arrangements from boutonnieres to bridesmaids, I smiled knowing the love and attention you had put into their design and execution. I knew that Floral Artistry could do wonderful things, but the execution exceeded my expectations. The scale, color and material all complimented the event. Each piece beautiful on it’s own, together it was luscious.

It’s really not that important what the dad has to say, but I know the bride loved it all, so that makes it even better.


Stephen Gambino
Gloucester, MA

Click here to view photos of the wedding.