the top part of a decorative image showing garden flowers.

October 26, 1998

Ms. Pauline Runkle
Floral Artistry
Box 1603
Manchester, MA 01944

Dear Pauline:


While I am tempted to leave that one simple word on the page as the best way to sum up your work, it seems unfair not to go a little further....


Usually the flowers at an event are a lovely backdrop for the rest of the evening. Not your flowers! They were stupendous. Usually the guests rush past the arrangements on their way to dancing or dessert, barely giving the flowers a second glance. Not your flowers!! It's not often I see my guests standing quietly before a flower arrangement, enjoying their beauty, as I did last week. Carroll was so very pleased.

My sincerest thanks to you, Collette and your entire staff for your extraordinary work. Collette and your staff were professional, efficient, helpful, considerate and above all, very detail oriented. It was my pleasure to work with Floral Artistry and I hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the future.


Michelle R. Conway

Event Planner