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Pauline Runkle
Plum Hill
Manchester, MA 01944

March 4, 1999

Dear Pauline,

Your illustrated program of your experiences judging the 1998 Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena was absolutely a "smash hit" with our audience.

We cannot imagine the numbers of hours it must have taken to prepare for the talk. The history of the parade was fascinating. It was especially interesting to know the forebears of one of our current residents were involved in the creation or beginnings of the Rose Bowl Parade.

The history; your slides of the various floats; your explanation of the various communities and town spirit in the creation of the floats; the statistics you had at your 'fingertips'; and the illustrations of floats in the early building stage all gave us an evening we will not soon forget.

Thank you on behalf of our Board of Governors and the Entertainment committee for a special, special evening on February 17th.

Sincere Best,

Signature of Daniel Senecal, Co-Chair of the Entertainment Committee, Essex County Club