the top part of a decorative image showing garden flowers.

Joanne Holbrook Patton,
October 27, 1998

Pauline Runkle
Floral Artistry
1 Ancient County Way Extension
Manchester, MA 01944

Dear Pauline:

It is all behind us - in everything but memory!

But what a memory you have given us! When I left the hotel on the last day, I couldn't bear not to have the arrangement from the reception (which had graced our hospitality suite all week long) continue to please people. Because I was going to Newport next, I could not carry it along with me, but I gave it to the two women from the Doubletree sales staff who had been most helpful to us, with the request that they keep it out where the world could enjoy it, as long as it lasted.

As for the beautiful individual table arrangements that were on the tables in the Harvard Club - they were shared thereafter with our tour organizers and special assistants, without whose ongoing facilitation over two years we could not have pulled off what seems to have been "the perfect reunion week" (weather excepted!)

It has been a joyous experience, yet again, to be working with Pauline Runkle toward enhancing a special occasion with a beauty only your unique floral artistry can create. You spoil us for everyone else, Pauline, but we love you for it! The men and women who were part of George's USMA '46 Armor Reunion will never forget the beautiful setting you gave their gatherings - and certainly, never will George and I!

I look forward to a day (after retirement?) when we can enjoy a visit, just for fun - but in the meanwhile, I send my affectionate appreciation to a very special friend who makes life lovelier - by just being Pauline.


Joanne Patton